Academy of Finland grants Postdoctoral Researcher funding to Dr. Tushar Jain


Dr. Tushar Jain has received funding for his research ”Fault-tolerant Economic Model Predictive Control for Smart Energy Systems” from Academy of Finland for the period 1.9.2014--31.8.2017. Jain works at the research group of Process Control and Automation at the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology.

For the coming years, many countries have set goals for increased utilization of renewable energy sources, further reduction of CO2, and phase-out of fossil fuels. This has incremented the installation of smart energy systems for balancing power supply and power demand in an economically efficient way. The manufacturing and maintenance costs of systems utilizing renewable energy sources have become very high compared to the amount of generating electric power. In fact, one of the biggest challenges in energy production from renewable resources is the supply fluctuations, which cause problems for technical systems or production lines. These short term interruptions impose challenges for the desired power quality grid codes. In addition, in the event of malfunctions or system faults, the scenario becomes quite complex. This project aims to address such issues, which guarantees to optimize the operating costs of smart energy systems, while producing the desired amount of power.

The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering received altogether 387 applications for the funding of Postdoctoral Researchers. The call closed on September 25, 2013. The Research Council made the funding decisions at its meeting on 16 May 2014. A total of 35 Postdoctoral Researchers were funded to a total of 9,36 M€. The amount of Postdoctoral Researchers’ applications has increased greatly during the past two years. The Research Council could fund only 9 per cent of the submitted applications.


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