EMEC received Erasmus Mundus status


Third Erasmus Mundus programme for TKK!

The European Minerals Engineering Course (EMEC) that can be taken as a part of the PSE-programme has been granted Erasmus Mundus status. The traditional 1-year EMEC will expand to a complete 2-year Master's Programme. During the first year, students will study at four European top universities *, 1 period (around 15 ECTS) in each. The second year is divided between two universities. At the first university the students study 30 ECTS after which they make the Master's thesis at another university. TKK students will stay the autumn semester of the second year at TKK studying one of the A3 modules and the M-module offered in the PSE-programme. Students graduating from the programme will be awarded with a dual-degree by the two universities in which they have studied during the second year.

TKK students can apply for the programme (for 2008-2010) in April 2008.

* Delft University of Technology, RTWH Aachen, University of Exeter, Helsinki University of Technology,

Press release about EMMEP (including EMEC) receiving the Erasmus Mundus status.

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