Finland’s Rockettes Capture 2010 World Synchro Crown


Venla Kuuluvainen's Rockettes got the world championships gold medal in Synchronized
Skating last night i USA.

The whole lab congratulates Venla!

Twenty-three teams from 18 ISU member nations, representing five continents, contested the 2010 World Synchronized Skating Championships in Colorado Springs, Co., last weekend.

Finland claimed the top two steps of the podium. The Rockettes, (Finland 1) claimed gold ahead of Marigold Ice Unity (Finland 2) and America’s Haydenettes were ecstatic to claim the bronze medal.

Check out the news item and an interview in the Faculty Website Muodostelmaluistelun maailmanmestari 2010 Venla Kuuluvainen ehtii myös opiskella.


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