Free time party for Major Students and PSE students


The Laboratory of Process Control and Automation will arrange a free time party that will be held 20.10.2005 14-> at Otakaari 20 sauna premises. There will be a photo-taking session for major students, some presentations and free-time activities, including sauna, naturally. Also food and drinks are available. Welcome!

Please send e-mail to Markus Kettunen (matti antti risto kalle unto sakari piste kalle eemeli taneli taneli unto niilo eemeli niilo miukumauku taneli kalle kalle piste faarao irmeli ) for more information and to registrate for the event, so enough food and drinks are reserved for the evening. The deadline for registration is 14.10.2005.

Preliminary Program for Free time Party 20.10.2005

14.00 Beginning of the event
15.00 Photo-taking session
16.00 Outokumpu presentation
16.30 Laboratory presentation
17.00 Food and Drinks
18.00 Competitions (Mölkky, Dance Pads)
19.00 Sauna
19.00 -> Live music

Registered for the event (17.10):
1 Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela
2 Raimo Ylinen
3 Matias Majaharju
4 Jerri Kämpe
5 Pirjo Kemppinen
6 Mats Nikus
7 Mikko Vermasvuori
8 Antti Remes
9 Markus Kettunen
10 Esa Kiiski
11 Cheng Hui
12 Xuejie Zu
13 Peter Blanz
14 Lari Tuononen
15 Ville Laukkanen
16 Jani Heikkilä
17 Esa Järvinen
18 Ville Saanila
19 Mikael Louhi
20 Francis Amoako Quaicoe
21 Evgueni Krivenkov
22 Fredrik Enell
23 Olli Moisander
24 Vesa-Matti Tikkala
25 Nora Ketola
26 Suvi Rannantie


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