Get-together Meeting for Major Students


It is a pleasure to invite the PSE and EMMEP students and the Major Students of the Laboratory of Process Control and Automation to a get-together meeting on Thursday, November 19, starting from 1pm at the coffee room (room E305) of the laboratory of process control and automation.

The official part of the event will represent a good opportunity to discuss about your on-going studies with the lab personnel. The tutoring meetings will be arranged with all of you, as a group and/or with you and your professor. Please take your study record and cv with you.

Coffee, tea, glögi and snacks will be served after the meetings. Eventually at 4pm, if you like, we would go all together to visit Pablo Picasso exhibition at the Ateneum Museum ( In order to book in advance your entrance at the museum, please, register to the event not later than Friday, November 6, at 1pm,

The lab will cover the costs of drinks and snacks, bus transportation to the Ateneum and the entrance fees. The private guide will be booked to describe the paintings to us.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the lab.

Register to the event in Here!


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