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Begin: 2008-06-01

End: 2011-05-31



New restricting legislation creates challenges for operating power plants. One of the crucial aspects in energy production is controlling emissions, which on the other hand might offer new business opportunities concerning emissions trading. Increasing the use of renewable energy requires a significantly wider scale of different fuels.

The aim of the project is to develop new direct and indirect methods for measurement and data processing related to energy production processes. The aim is also to further understand the phenomena in combustion processes and to integrate the models based on the phenomena to different states of the process. Using the results, methods for monitoring, control and optimization of energy boilers are further improved. Methods developed in the project are merged to integral services, which emphasizes the usefulness of separate methods in process operation.

Project official site can be found here.



Sirkka-Liisa Jms-Jounela (Project leader)
Di Zhang
Alexey Zakharov
Jukka Kortela


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