Integrated system for Monitoring and Control of Product quality and flexible energy delivery in Calcination in the Minerals and Raw Materials Industry




  • Outotec
  • Imerys Minerals Ltd
  • Aalto University
  • Delft University of Technology
  • University of Exeter
  • Predict



Begin: 2016-05-01

End: 2018-10-31



Europe has a significant industrial minerals industry, accounting for an estimated turnover of €10 billion annually. The industry is sensitive to public acceptance and continuously seeks to improve the sustainability of minerals extraction. Starting from the technologies developed in the FP7 EU STOICISM project, the MONICALC will focus on the efforts to upscale the results to the product commercialization. The MONICALC project aim is to develop the designed solutions to secure that the whole industrial kaolin production chain is operating in an optimal manner from an economic, environmental and social perspective. The MONICALC innovative integrated solution includes a control strategy based on the feed type characterization by online analysis, control and optimization algorithms across the whole production chain based on the integrated data bank. From a technical perspective, this entails increased availability and use of process data for coordination of the process units and the smarter-use of renewable energy resources. This approach supersedes the existing, largely uncoupled production steps with limited options for process control and energy optimization. In addition, the flexible energy delivery system based on the renewable energy resources will be integrated to the system to increase the energy efficiency and to decrease the operating costs of the kaolin production. There is no such an integrated solution available in the market.




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