Modern process automation setup and factory of the future architecture




Begin: 2017-05-01

End: 2018-12-31



The new trends in process automation are showing the key role of increasing connections for more real-time data collection and advanced analytic computation to improve performance, reduce operating costs and increase reliability. Shorter production cycles, increased manufacturing flexibility, the constant need for efficiency increment and minimized downtime are other affecting factors in process automation setup.

These new technological trends include the Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture, Industrial Ethernet, cloud computing and the fifth wireless network, which provide more connectivity of process elements, platform independence and security in process automation systems.

Modern process automation setup uses OPC UA, cloud computing and 5G testbed network to construct a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The aim of the setup is to design and implement future automation systems and networked automation paradigm. The setup benefits from wireless sensors and smart devices, which are embedded at the field level to highlight new features with respect to the classic wired systems. The setup has Ethernet network connection, wireless connectivity via 5G testbed network and benefits from advanced data analytic through Siemens MindSphere cloud.



Jukka Kortela
Babak Nasiri


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