Towards sustainable mineral processing via plantwide eMPC




  • Aalto University School of Chemical Technology
  • University of Pretoria



Begin: 2016-03-01

End: 2019-02-28



Over last thirty years, process industries have made much progress in real time control and optimization. Close to 10 000 Model Predictive Controls (MPCs) have been implemented in different industries, mainly in oil refining, petrochemical and pulp & paper, and the estimated benefits delivered is 10 billion $. However, only a few MPC implementations have been reported in mining industry and none of them with combination of economic optimization.

The connection between mineralogy and metallurgical performance in a mine plays a key role for economic and sustainable processing of the ore body. An exciting research task is to develop the methodology which provides an integrated approach for linking information between the various unit processes, mineralogical composition, sustainability and to combine this "big mine data" via Industrial Internet to the plant real-time optimization.




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