CHEM-E7140 Process Automation (5cr) (Autumn I) - course pages


Contents: After the course the student
*Understands the information flows in industrial plants and enterprises
*Knows the systems involved in the information handling: automation systems, production and resource planning and controlling systems (MES, ERP, APS)
*Understands the most basic functions of an automation system;
*Knows functions and tuning methods of a basic controller types: PID, feed-forward, cascade, ratio controllers
*Knows how to analyze process dynamics and the dynamics of a system with a controller
*Knows the fundamentals of experimental modelling of chemical processes

Requirements: Lectures 24 h
Exercises 24 h
Independent studying, homeworks / preparing for exam 80 h
Exam 4 h

Literature: The course book is Ogunnaike B.A., Process dynamics, modeling and control, Oxford University press, New York, 1994, chapters 1-11 and 14-19

Prerequisites: None

Course Connections:This course serves as a basis for more advanced studies in process system engineering:

-CHEM-E7145, Advanced process control methods

-CHEM-E7155, Production planning and control

Language: English

Course personnel:

Name: Jukka Kortela
Reception time: Tue 12-13
Room: E303
E-mail: jaakkountokallekalleanttipistekalleolliristotanelieemelilaurianttimiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 24380128

Name: Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela
Reception time: Wed 10-12
Room: E306
E-mail: sakariirmeliristokallekalleanttiviivalauriirmeliirmelisakarianttipistejaakkoanttimattisakarianttiviivajaakkoolliuntoniiloeemelilaurianttimiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 25826428

Timetable for 2018:

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