CHEM-E7145 Advanced Process Control Methods and Process Control Project Work (5cr) (Spring IV) - course pages


Contents: After completing the course, the student
*Understands modern control theory: MPC and state estimation
*Is able to configure a small DCS system for lab unit processes using ABB 800xA system;
*Knows the basics in process automation programming languages;
*Understands the meaning of process system interfaces (OPC, ODBC).

Requirements: Lectures 24 h
Exercises 24 h
Assignments + independent study 80 h
Exam 4 h

Literature: Isermann R., Munchhof M., (2011), Identification of Dynamic Systems, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Ogunnaike, Babatunde A. & Ray, W.: Process Dynamics, Modelling and Control, Oxford university Press

Prerequisites: CHEM-E7140 Process Automation

Language: English

This course replaces: KE-90.4510 Control Applications in Process Industries (6 op)

Course personnel:

Name: Jukka Kortela
Reception time: Tue 12-13
Room: E303
E-mail: jaakkountokallekalleanttipistekalleolliristotanelieemelilaurianttimiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 24380128

Name: Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela
Reception time: Wed 10-12
Room: E306
E-mail: sakariirmeliristokallekalleanttiviivalauriirmeliirmelisakarianttipistejaakkoanttimattisakarianttiviivajaakkoolliuntoniiloeemelilaurianttimiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 25826428

Computer Excercise Assistant
Name: Rinat Landman
Reception time:
Room: E302
E-mail: ristoirmeliniiloanttitanelipistelaurianttiniilodavidmattianttiniilomiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 24382296

Timetable for 2018:

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