KE-90.4600 Process Automation project work (5cr) (Spring III) - course pages


Contents:Operation of plantwide distributed control system (DCS), PLC programming languages (IEC 61131-3), structure and operation of Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus field buses. Design of user interfaces (HMI): events, alarms and trends. History data collection from processes, reporting, software interfaces in process automation (OPC, ODBC) and future development of field buses (Ethernet, WLAN).

Basics in PLC programming, configuration and deployment of traditional I/O and field buses.

NOTE: The course begins in February (in the middle of Period III).

Course personnel:

Name: Jukka Kortela
Reception time: Tue 12-13
Room: E303
E-mail: jaakkountokallekalleanttipistekalleolliristotanelieemelilaurianttimiukumaukuanttianttilauritaneliollipistefaaraoirmeli
Phone: +358-9-470 24380128

Timetable for 2018:

Other events:

2012-Sep-05 13-17 Ke1, Ke2
2013-May-24 8-12 Ke1, Ke2

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