Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2002
Emmi Laiho

Training material about turbocompressors and their control methods

Turbocompressors are used in process industry to raise the pressure of gas and to transport compressed gas. Because response times in compressor control need to be shorter than in normal process control, used control methods are different.

The purpose of this thesis was to prepare training material about turbocompressors and their control methods. The training material was intended for use of control room operators in the Porvoo refinery of Fortum Oil and Gas. The aim of the training is to improve the operators’‘ independent initiative during abnormal process conditions.

In the literature survey, the construction, characteristics, control methods and operation of turbomachinery are studied. The principles of pedagogy are also discussed.

In the experimental part of the work, HTML and javascript based e-learning material was implemented. The material consists of text, pictures and animations. To apply and practise the subjects studied, there are also exercises at the end of every part.

The second part of the training is done with simulator. It focuses on improving the practical skills in operating the controls of turbomachinery. In this part, important operating commands are practised and their impacts on the simulator are observed.

The e-learning material and the simulator part were tested, and the test results are reported. The implemented training material meets the requirements set in advance and it received good feedback during the tests. In addition, the technology used in e-learning material was new and implementation will be used as a model for future training material in Porvoo refinery.

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