Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2002
Janne Petäjä

Applying remote diagnostic methods in service business

Remote support and remote diagnostics have recently been a subject of great interest and research. Remote support centers have been founded by companies offering maintenance services. These centers help companies to operate more efficiently and improve their service.

The aim on this work was to study possibilities of applying power plant expert services, especially remote support services in the paper industry. The aim was also to think about possibilities of expert and remote support services and their marketing. In this work, remote support is expert help to a customer from a remote support center.

In the literature part, remote diagnostics as an expert service, power plant expert services and remote support services are considered. Also, expert service marketing and remote support service marketing are discussed on a general level.

During the work, power plant experts and experts of the company offering remote support services in the paper industry were interviewed. There were also discussions with experts working in paper mills. In the experimental part of the work, results of the interviews and valve monitoring application are presented.

On the basis of interviews, paper machine steam and condensate systems and TMP plant were found to be the most promising target for power plant expert services. In developing and marketing remote diagnostic services co-operation networks are found essential. It is also important that the real benefits of the service can be shown to customer.

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