Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2015
Jarno Sunabacka

Increasing the process efficiency of a board machine through standards-based system integration

System integration plays a key role in managing data in large systems. Many companies in the industry use tens of different systems concurrently and usually these systems operate independently. Using system integration these independent systems can be integrated to work together and the management of data in the company becomes more efficient and reliable. The objective of this master´s thesis is to examine the effects of system integration between the manufacturing execution system and the enterprise resource planning system to the productivity of personnel on a board machine. Maintenance needs and resources allocation within a factory can be defined accurately with efficient data management.

In the theory part of this research the basics of information systems integration are discussed. A common model for executing system integration is presented and used in this research to conduct a system integration project in the case plant. The situation in the target company before the integration of the systems is presented, problems and weaknesses are defined and possible solutions to those are examined.

In the practical part the system integration process is carried out in the case plant and the complete system integration schema and technical details are presented. In addition the system integration process in the target company is defined.

Finally in the evaluation part of this research the outcomes are discussed, the execution of the system integration is evaluated and the realized risks and benefits in this systems integration project are presented and thoroughly examined.

Thesis electronical version can be downloaded from here

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