Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 1999
Jerri Kämpe

Fault diagnosis system for the pressure filter


The aim of this thesis was to develop a fault diagnosis system for the filtration stage of the Larox test filter as a part of the expert system designed for it.

Fault diagnosis systems for process equipment have been studied very actively during recent years. A high degree of availability and ease of maintenance and repair gives a competitive edge to the manufacturer.

In the literature part filters and their mathematical modelling were discussed. Fault diagnosis systems were studied and final part is a literature survey on the industrial applications of the fault diagnosis systems.

In the experimental part Larox pressure filters and the test filter were studied more closely. Then the current expert system and programs used were described. On the basis of earlier research a decision about the structure of the system and implementation was made.

The current logic for the filter stops operation when faults are detected. As the information provided is limited, fault localisation requires knowledge of the filter. Downtime means increased costs for the user, so there is a need for an advisory system.

Data from actual fault cases of the test filter was collected and used for testing the fault diagnosis system. In testing, the system responded correctly to faults and normal conditions.

The system that was designed is applicable on the test filter and it gives the operator more information in faulty conditions than the current automation system.

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