Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 1997
Jixiang Hao

Planning and Implementation of the Computerised Triaxial Test Equipment

The aim of this MSc thesis is to design and build a partially computerised triaxial test device for soil tests based on a conventional triaxial apparatus.

The theoretical background of the effective stress triaxial test is first discussed in the paper. Along with a theoretical introduction concerning the shear strength of soil mechanics, a general description of the conventional triaxial test is presented. A thorough discussion of the instrumentation for triaxial test equipment is carried out. All the major methods employed for triaxial tests in laboratories around the world, together with their instrumentation, are briefly discussed.

The virtual instrument, usually a PC with a DAC and specific software, is discussed in detail. The new trend for laboratory automation is considered in the thesis. A general proposal for the design of a computerised system is also presented. In the future there is potential for the triaxial test to utilise a new control method, such as fuzzy logic.

A partially computerised triaxial test device is designed and built on the basis of existing instruments. The HP VEE under MS-Windows is used as the programming environment. Considerable programming time has been saved by using this virtual engineering environment. More than one hundred different specimens have been successfully tested using the constructed system. Expansion of the system is possible in the future.

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