Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2002
Jouni Lipiäinen

Remote Support System for Pressure Filter -- Data Acquisition and Technical Solutions on Data Security

The aim of the thesis was to develop a cheap and reliable software application for a data acquisition system to a Larox pressure filter. The software will gather information about the operations of the pressure filter and this datawill be strored in a database at Larox. The data is targeted to the needs of Larox maintenance services and the Larox research and development unit.

The tools of software development and the technologies of database management standards provided by Microsoft were examined in the thesis. The most common technologies for data security and their applications were studied in the theoretical part of the thesis. Also, the properties and applications of Windows CE operating system were evaluated.
<>brA Windows CE based control panel acts as an user interface for Larox pressure filter. The data aqcuisition software was built on this operating system and it collected data from programmable logic control and stored the data on the control panel. The purpose of this system was to save data temporarily on the panel and communicate with and send the collected data to Larox database server via phone lines or an internetwork.

As a result of the work, Windows CE was found to be a quite efficient operating system for software application developing and the needs of the process industry. Because of a lack of correctly functioning hardware, it was impossible to develop a fully mature software application. Nevertheless, the data collection, data storing and data transfer to a database were implemented successfully by using modified data cables and commercial software.

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