Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 1999
Marika Arkima

Implementation of a Control Engineering SGML-multimedia-environment

The objective of the master’s thesis was to implement a SGML-multimedia-environment for an educational package involving control engineering. Tasks related to implementing the multimedia-environment were the developing of a production and distribution process for SGML-material together with the consultants of the company Index-IT, conversion of the educational package’s texts to SGML-format as well as the implementation of the Java-programs attached to the educational material. In part of the Java-programs the objective was to design and to implement the Java class libraries related to the simulation and the frequency response calculations, which include reusable components for the purpose of implementing different applications.

The different SGML-programs on the market were examined for the purpose of the production and distribution of SGML-material. The production process was developed for files written with the Microsoft Word 97 program. FrameMaker+ SGML 5.5 was chosen for the production process, with the help of which the conversion of Word-styles to SGML’s structural elements was carried out. Certain problems with processing the text were noted in the production process developed, due to which an SGML-editor should be used instead of MSWord for the creation of new text and the maintenance. The production process is best suited for the conversion of ready MSWord-format text into SGML-format. A DynaText-browser, which can be used for the distribution of text in Intranets and on CD-ROMs, was used for the distribution of the multimedia-package.

The simulation library, which has been implemented for the Java-programs presented in the multimedia-package, includes routines for the simulation of control circuits or individual segments. The structure of the system simulated in the library is presented with the help of a connection matrix and the calculations are carried out with the help of discrete space equations. The simulation library can also be used to simulate non-linear models. The library related to the frequency response calculation includes routines for the calculation of the frequency responses of different control loops and Bode, Nyquist and Nichols methods for drawing diagrams. Java-programs, which have been presented in the application part of the thesis, were implemented with the help of libraries.

The master’s thesis was connected to Neles Automation’s and Control CAD’s project, the purpose of which was to develope the multimedia-documentation of companies and to become familiar with the SGML-language used in the implementation of demanding multimedia-applications and with its possibilities in the documentation.

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