Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2001
Olli Sihvo

The Intelligent Field Devices - a Part of Asset Management

This thesis describes the architecture of the Asset Management and the intelligent field devices. Especially the ABB frequency converter´s capability to function as the part of the Asset Optimisation system has been examined. The aim of the study was investigate the possible benefits of the Asset Management for the intelligent field devices and define the frequency converter´s required functions and features, which could be used by the Asset Optimisation or Asset Management applications. The thesis based on the several conference publications, fieldbus standards, and ABB industrial-IT standards. At he beginning of this thesis is defined the content of the term ‘‘Asset Management’‘. The thesis defines an architecture model for the Asset Optimisation system. The ACS 600 frequency converter is taken under the more detailed examination and all its functions are divided according to the created model. Thesis defines the existing Asset Optimisation features of the frequency converter and also the basic Asset Optimisation requirements of the drives are listed. Maintenance is the main area of the effective Asset Management hence the lifetime estimation algorithms of the frequency converters have been under more detailed investigation. Especially the estimating methods for the useful lifetime of the drive were examined more detailed. Accuracy of the life time estimation algorithms was assessed to be the few months, which provide good estimation for the useful lifetime.

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