Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2001
Sami Matinaho

Development of BCTMP mill simulation model and modelling of TMP refiner

The aim of this study was to plan a dynamic BCTMP mill simulation model and to model the refiner in an APMS simulation environment.

The CTMP process and the specialities of the modelled Joutseno BCTMP mill are studied. Furthermore, refiner operation and control as well as the refiner models in literature were discussed.

The BCTMP mill model was carried out as a three-level hierarchical model. The three levels are mill level, subprocess level and process component level. The refiner was modelled through the three basic phenomena selected: heat energy transition into pulp, dissolution of fiber and steam division. Both models were planned to meet the requirements of the new sequential mass and energy balance solver of the APMS simulator.

The qualitative results of both models were reasonable, but the quantitative results cannot be analyzed until the model validation with real mill data is completed.

The BCTMP mill simulation model provides an excellent tool for research and training purposes in order to manage mill-wide mass and energy balances. The model gives an opportunity to train the mill users to understand the mill’‘s heat technical potential in different operation conditions.

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