Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 2005
Teemu Grönblom

Information management system of the printing machine

The object of this thesis was to plan and build a uniform, reliable and accurate measurement and data acquisition system for a pilot printing machine. Different measurements were collected from all over the printing machine and new basic measurements were installed. The system provides information on the trial to the customer and FPC enabling quality assurance of process parameters and printed paper. The printing machine used in the trial was a Heidelberg WEB 8 heatset offset rotation printing machine.

The literature review examines the history of automation and trends in the heatset offset printing industry. It also compares different measurement methods and PC-based measurement and data acquisition systems.

The experimental part of the thesis consist of the design and implementation of the system. New measurements were installed and then all measurements were collected and stored in the same data acquisition system. The chosen software was Labview. The first step was the analysis and selection of new measurement sensors. In addition, information on the dryer and fountain solution system was incorporated in the data acquisition system. Information on the printing hall was obtained via the air conditioning system. All measurements were collated in the same application program interface. The last stage was the assembly and implementation of the system components. Before delivery, the measurement and data acquisition system was FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) tested at FPC.

The result of this thesis was a functional, easy-to-use and user-friendly measurement and data acquisition system, with all measurements connected to the same system. It is also easy to feed new measurements into the system, and its software can be edited easily.

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