Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science


Year 1996
Timo Lättilä

Object-oriented Design of a Simulator Programme for Mineral

In this thesis a computer programme for simulation ore dressing processes is presented.

At the beginning of the thesis the ore dressing processes are shortly described. Specially the planning and production of the simulator programme in general are described. The requirements of a simulator for mineral processes are discussed and some computational algorithms are presented.

In the experimental part of the thesis the planning and implementation of the calculations kernel of the simulator are presented at the level of structure and functions of the simulator. Studying of the kernel is concentrated on the definitions, plans and implementations of the kernel. The kernel is studied as functional system and as a collection of subsystems so, that the choices made in the implementation process can be understood. In addition the quality of the software produced is examined in terms of correctness and reliability and an estimate is given based on a statistical analysis of the test results obtained from the verification.

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